As your postpartum doula I make the transition home easier and happier for everyone.
Offering non-medical, non-judgmental, evidence based information. I am a certified postpartum doula through DONA International.

Post partum doulas (aka baby nurse, baby doula) provide in home care for the whole family in the 4th trimester.  

With my help around the home, I enable the new mom to recover from pregnancy and birth and focus her energy on bonding with her child.

A typical 4 hour shift may include:

  • Bottle and feeding advice

  • Coping skills for new parents

  • Sibling care so that parents can rest

  • Organizing baby items, baby's laundry, errands

  • Sharing appropriate resources when necessary

  • Light meals / snacks made to help nourish mom to recovery

  • Newborn care tips and tricks such as swaddling, bathing and soothing your baby

  • Nurturing guidance with breastfeeding and the challenges that may come along with it

  • Assist the parents in learning to trust their own instincts in meeting baby's needs

  • Do what is needed day to day as the needs of your family change


  Typically I work a 4 hour shift during the day or 8 hours at night (10pm-6am).  This amount of time during the day allows me to see one or two feedings, meal prep, baby laundry and conversations on what's going on.   Many first time parents benefit from 3-5x visit the first week or two, then 2-4x a week after that.  I will work with you and your family and we can adjust the schedule as necessary.

$35 an hour for days; $35 for twins/day

$45 an hour for nights; $45 for twins/night *Please let me know if you would like to discuss a sliding scale.